About Us



A small Island of 572 sq/km with a population of 86,000 people is nestled in the Irish Sea between Ireland and the United Kingdom.  The whole Island was awarded UNESCO Biosphere status in 2016 for protecting its breadth and range of Biodiversity.

David Williams of the Telegraph Travel wrote, "The scenery is so stunning that it looks as though someone stole the best bits of Dartmoor, Cornwall, Devon and Scotland.

In order to maintain this recognition and to encourage and inspire others to do likewise, Eco-Island was established in 2020 to encourage local and national businesses and people to seek alternatives for their day-to-day consumption of products and materials.

Starting small with just a few products, a comprehensive inventory of alternative supplies with education and feedback on each item, it is hoped that the Island will reduce the disposal of harmful packaging and its' contents to the environment in order to minimise harmful impact to local fauna and flora, not just now, but for the future.

Not all items sold here will be 100% environmentally friendly at the moment, but as we increase our buying power, we will be able to dictate to our suppliers the needs and alternative materials our customers recommend in order to make that change.